Bits: Old 97's, Memphis May Fire, Darkside Lounge

We figured on a boring Tuesday we could all use new songs and show reminders, so here's a handful of Dallas-related music tidbits for an afternoon snack.

1. Sick of hearing "Silver Bells" every time you step into a department store? Well, those looking for a new Christmas song to make 'em feel merry might want to hit up iTunes to download the new holiday tune by the Old 97's, "Here It Is Christmas Time."

2. Word on the street is Memphis May Fire's new self-titled EP, which hit stores today, is pretty killer.

3. The tentative lineup for Darkside Lounge's New Year's Eve bash includes: Before The Fall, Mother's Anthem, Kessler, Victory Calls, Scuba Team Go, Red Car Wire and Charlie Berry of Red Letter Holiday. The venue hasn't posted cover prices yet, but we'll keep you apprised of NYE plans.

4. Not news really. Just wanted to remind everyone that Matthew and the Arrogant Sea will be hitting up Club Dada on Thursday. We're planning on hitting it up. Just saying... -- Chelsea Ide

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