Black Tie Dynasty, The Burning Hotels, Airline

Rumors are a given for any band. Take Black Tie Dynasty's breakup, for instance.

When that announcement came, the rumors were everywhere, some touching on trouble with former label Idol Records, others implying a bizarre love triangle involving Smile Smile (thanks DC9 commenters!). Whether those tales were true is something we might never know—but they sure made this pop-rock outfit's breakup far more interesting than the stated impatience for music stardom that was implied in the press release announcing the breakup.

In that statement, the band announced that, "if something was going to happen, it would have happened by now." Perhaps a sensible reason. But people like their rock stars mysterious and dangerous.


Black Tie Dynasty, The Burning Hotels, Airline

Frontman Cory Watson manages to exude both of these traits onstage, and at this show, he'll do so for the last time with other members of the band: brooding keyboardist Brian McCorquodale, affable drummer Eddie Thomas and rebel bassist Blake McWhorter. Afterward, the local musical landscape will have to find its next (almost) big thing.

Don't forget: BTD attained radio play on KDGE-102.1 FM The Edge and earned a performance slot on the radio station's high-profile Christmas show. Like 'em or not, BTD's members are leaving behind some big shoes to fill.

Which leaves only one question, really: When's the reunion show?

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