Through a bizarre friend-of-a-friend scenario, Observer Arts & Culture editor Jamie Laughlin and our former music editor Audra Schroeder found themselves in a Fort Lauderdale recording studio in the early 2000s, getting stoned with rappers Afroman, Shaggy and Blowfly, and doing back-up vocals on an update of the track "Blowfly for President."

So there's that. In other news, the gold-spangled, cape-wearing rapper is on tour and headed to Dada this week after his 2012 release, Back in the Sack. If your interest in Blowfly is any bit as piqued as mine, go to Hulu, where you can watch 2011's hour-and-a-half documentary about his contributions to music history, called The Weird World of Blowfly. Surely a film about a former spiritual songwriter turned X-rated senior citizen superhero rapper can't disappoint.

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