Bonus MP3: Airline -- "Farewell Republica"

"Airline's really taking off, huh?" Ha! That's funny. (Jason Upshaw)

In this week's paper, you'll see a flattering review of local indie rock set Airline's newest release, Farewell Republica. In the write-up, Darryl Smyers call the disc, "detailed, dramatic and not a little dense, this is local music of rare insight, by a band demanding a following."

Listening to the title track, hearing the carefully constructed, nimble frailty of lead singer Robert Holley's voice as it floats atop the walking key parts and the ambient guitar, you can see where Darryl's coming from. The song's a pleasing output, if a little sleepy, but that's kind of the idea with this act. Live, you won't see Airline bouncing about; instead they pick their motions carefully, crooning more than rocking out.

Catch them live tonight at 8 p.m. at The Aardvark in Ft. Worth. Or just download this track for free.

Bonus mp3:

Airline -- "Farewell Republica"

Airline -- "Farewell Republica"

Or, y'know, do both. --Pete Freedman

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