Bonus MP3: Baruch the Scribe -- "...and Today with joyous singing"

Utilizing window blinds, shaky objects and thunder for the background noise on its debut six-track EP, Evil Memories, Denton-based Baruch the Scribe has the sound to set a truly unique pace for its release show on Saturday night at Hailey's. Also performing at Hailey's on Saturday? Toronto-based folk band, Elliot Brood, which, actually, should male for a nice pairing of styles.

Oh, and if you miss the band there, Baruch The Scribe can be found again next Saturday at J&J's Pizza and back at Hailey's on December 5. Basically, the act's gonna be hard to miss.

After the jump, where you can stream and download "...and Today with joyous singing" from the debut EP, you'll see why. It's a little more upbeat than the rest of the tracks on the short release, but don't be fooled: When these guys perform, the crowd isn't falling asleep...

Bonus MP3:

Baruch the Scribe -- "...and Today with joyous singing"

Baruch the Scribe -- "...and Today with joyous singing"

Play it. Love it. Repeat.

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Stephanie Daniels