Bonus MP3: Calhoun -- "Apocalypse (A Love Story)"

As we mentioned earlier in the week, Calhoun's awaiting responses from a handful of record labels on its new disc (which is only available for purchase at gigs for the moment).

Meanwhile, the guys in the band were nice enough to pass along a copy of the album, Falter.Waver.Cultivate., to us, and though I admit it took me a couple of listens to really see past what I initially saw as pretty pedestrian stuff, the disc has since started to really grow on me. In fact, it finally displaced Doug Burr's On Promenade from its permanent home in my car's CD player. That's something of note, for sure. Anyway, the guys also gave us the go-ahead on posting an mp3 of our choice for you to snag to your hard drive from the disc. We chose the fifth track:

Calhoun -- "Apocalypse (A Love Story)"

Me likey.

Update: I forgot to mention this originally, but, in case you're digging this track, you can catch Calhoun at Lola's in Ft. Worth tonight alongside what Tim Locke, Calhoun's vocalist/guitarist calls "a pretty badass line up" of local musicians: Red Monroe, Airline and Sunward. -- Pete Freedman

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