Bonus MP3: Christian Jegard -- "I Want To Be In The Polyphonic Spree"

It's not that hard to be a member of The Polyphonic Spree. With 26 or so members in the band at any given time, about one in every 46,069 Dallasites can stake that claim.

Hey, it takes a lot to write and produce the world's happiest music. And, clearly, being a part of the Spree's extensive lineup is certainly a choice gig -- so much so that Christian Jegard, singer for British pop-punk outfit The Valentines, wrote a song about it.

Jegard's home-recorded "I Want to Be in the Polyphonic Spree" is pretty much the cutest thing since kittens, with lines like "I'd get my own multicolored robe / and sing on all the songs, except for 'One Man Show' 'cause I don't like that one" and his mispronunciation of frontman Tim DeLaughter's last name. Clearly, though, DeLaughter digs it: The song was posted recently to the official Polyphonic Spree blog. So who knows? Maybe Jegard's dreams will come true.

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Seriously, if you're having a weary Thursday, click on the jump for a two-minute dose of happy.

Bonus MP3:

Christian Jegard -- "I Want To Be In The Polyphonic Spree"

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