Bonus MP3: Creed -- "My Own Prison (Yeahdef Remix)"

In a weird turn of events, 2011 has started off as a pretty Creed-heavy year around here.

Last week, we scratched music history's not-yet-healed wound with two posts mentioning Scott Stapp and the gang. (To be fair, we actually spent most of that time talking about the gang minus Stapp, which played at Trees last Friday under the name Alter Bridge.)

Still, just when we thought we had heard our last oversung-by-Stapp syllable, Denton DJ Yeahdef has come along with bright idea to remix Creed's first single, "My Own Prison."

Equal parts House, dubstep, and doo-doo, Yeahdef's remix is more of a joke that the DJ says he plans on playing for the crowd that attends his weekly "'90s Night" dance party at Hailey's Club every Tuesday.

"Couldn't find a dubstep remix of Creed for '90s Night tomorrow, so I'm making my own," Yeahdef said yesterday via Twitter. "I was just LOLing the entire time I was making it."

Hit the jump to check out the remix.

Bonus mp3:

Creed -- "My Own Prison (Yeahdef Remix)"

Creed -- "My Own Prison (Yeahdef Remix)"

It's pretty bizarre, if nothing else.

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