Bonus MP3: Drawn By Jaymz -- "Luck"

James Porter might be the most prolific musician in Dallas. Since 2004, he's released 12 albums under the moniker of Drawn By Jaymz, and he has another record that should be out sometime this month. He plays all of the instruments (save for female vocals) and engineers all of his recordings. It's quite perplexing that he's managed to release so much music so quietly (and put it all up on his BandCamp site for streaming)--especially when you consider how consistently good his records are.

But he hasn't been completely unknown: Porter plays drums for two quality art-pop bands in Dallas, The Happy Bullets and the now-deunct Tah Dahs.

Anyway, we've been rocking out to Porter's stuff all week here at DC9 HQ. So we reached out to him and he was kind enough to pass along the indie jam "Luck" from his 2009 album, The Core along to us for your downloading pleasure. The guitar melodies compliment each other as they weave in and out over a bed of jittery drums. The song briefly takes a dark turn on the bridge and comes out on the other side with a huge chorus that shouts "Good luck, you'll need it!" It's pretty impressive to be sure, but see for yourself and check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Drawn By Jaymz -- "Luck"

Be careful, though: This song will be stuck in your head for a few weeks.

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