Bonus MP3: Eisley -- "Smarter"

Less than a week in, and 2011 is already shaping up nicely for Tyler family band Eisley, who today are offering up yet another free download from their forthcoming album The Valley. Just over a month ago, we ran a piece about a grown-up and recharged Eisley, who were on the tail end of a rough couple of years.

This year, though, the band has big plans. Thanks to a newly penned record deal with New York-based Equal Vision Records, Eisley is preparing for the release of a new record, and a big tour schedule, which includes a long run with Rooney. And from what we've already heard of The Valley (and seen from the band's new press photos), this album will be a pretty strong reflection of the dark trials they've been through personally and professionally.

On "Smarter," the sweet, girlish charm of their earlier work is fortified with a much harder edge. Guitars blister out twisted riffs, as singer Sherri-DuPree Bemis triumphantly sings "I'm smarter than you think."

Check it out after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Eisley -- "Smarter"

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