Bonus MP3: Here Holy Spain -- "Can't Control"

Today marks the release of Dallas punk trio

Here Holy Spain

's sophomore album,


, a disc that

Daniel Hopkins called in this week's paper, a "blistering, driving and tearing" release


And that was just in the lead. He also had this to say:

[They] paint a pretty clear picture of what their live shows are like, transporting the listener to stages such as that of the Double-Wide, where the band has played many shows over the last few years... But nowhere on this record is there a lack of energy. Continue reading...

And, indeed, that's the thing about Here Holy Spain: Fiery as they may sound on record, they're a far more impressive live, one of the tightest and most well-rehearsed bands in town, as drummer Scott Brayfield and bassist Erica Guagliardi lock onto each other's grooves and frontman Wes Todd Solem howls and shreds on top of them.

The above video for their lead Division single, "Can't Control," sheds some light on that front too, thanks to some live performance footage shot by Red Animal War's Justin Wilson during a recent performance at Trees, and then edited by Solem himself. It helps that the song's a good one.

And, lucky you, courtesy of the folks at Idol Records, who are releasing this disc, we've got it for you as a free download after the jump. Get some.

Bonus MP3:

Here Holy Spain -- "Can't Control"

Catch the band on Saturday night as it celebrates its CD release at La Grange.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.