Bonus MP3: Here Holy Spain -- "No Love"

Since the release of their debut, 2009 full-length, Manic, local punk act Here Holy Spain has come a long way, quickly becoming one of the tighter live acts around -- and, quite capably, showcasing themselves as more than "that band from the Toadies' roadie."

Sure, Wes Todd Solem may indeed play the role of Toadies tour manager when not fronting Here Holy Spain, but, these days, with bassist Erica Guagliardi and drumemr Scott Brayfield by his side, the band's carving out its own identity -- mostly, actually, as a band that hates holidays.

In 2009, you may recall, the trio released a song called "God Damn This Christmas." And, right now, the band is letting us give DC9 readers a taste of its latest anti-holiday jaunt, this time a statement against Valentine's Day called "No Love." The song will appear on the band's upcoming, sophomore, early April full-length release, Division. Give it a listen after the jump.

Bonus MP3:

Here Holy Spain -- "No Love"

Here Holy Spain -- "No Love"

Frankie 45 would be proud.

Catch Here Holy Spain playing as part of our St. Patrick's Day celebratory affair on Saturday, March 12.

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