Bonus MP3: Lions -- "Evil Eye"

Bonus MP3: Lions -- "Evil Eye"

Area music fans are gonna be force-fed a whole lot of the pretty awesome Austin-based psych rock quartet Lions over the next month-and-a-half.

The band's playing twice throughout the region on Saturday--first at the Good Records birthday party, and then later that night at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton for that venue's "Rock-N-Roll BBQ" event. Then, on May 3, the band has gig at The Prophet Bar. And then, on May 31, the band's booked to play Lola's in Ft. Worth.

Yeah, they're gonna be tough to avoid. So it's probably a good idea for you start familiarizing yourself with their sound (in case you haven't already). Here's your free download primer:

Lions -- "Evil Eye"

Niiiiiiiiiiiice. --Pete Freedman


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