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Bonus MP3: Maleveller -- "Astronomer's Fyre"

Saturday night marks the EP release show for the very promising Dallas-based four-piece Maleveller. Playing the Double Wide alongside fellow heavy Dallas acts True Widow and Big Fiction--in a show brought to you by Parade of Flesh--this is a gig that we can pretty much a guarantee will rock your brain cells.

Featuring former members of Pegasus Now, Max Cady, and Mandarin, Maleveller has been kicking around since 2008, but has only really come into its own over the past year. Opening for bands like Revolution Mother and Fu Manchu, you get the sense these guys aren't playing heavy rock just for people into heavy rock.

And thankfully, they aren't trying to be "heavy as fuck." (Seriously, what the hell does that mean?)

After the jump, a taste of what the band's going for, as Maleveller was kind enough to pass along an mp3 for your consumption. Check it out.

Bonus mp3:

Maleveller -- "Astronomer's Fyre"

"Astronomer's Fyre" serves as a fine introduction to the sounds the band boasts: the groove of Fu Manchu, the thickness of Torche, the atmospherics of Mastodon, and the unpredictable changes of At the Gates.

Turn this sucker up loud. 


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