Bonus MP3: Molina and Johnson -- "Twenty Cycles To The Ground"

We've been waiting on this one for a while--pretty much a year and a half now, actually--so pardon us if we geek out here for a moment. But, this week, we finally heard some official news on the new collaborative project from Centro-matic's Will Johnson and Magnolia Electric Co.'s Jason Molina.

Turns out Molina and Johnson (as both the album and the project are named) will see a release on Tuesday November 3, under the Secretly Canadian label banner.

Unfortunately, no local dates are yet on the duo's upcoming docket--but, the good news, I guess, is that no other American cities are, either. Rather, from mid-October to mid-November, the duo (which is jokingly--and kinda hilariously--referred to by its publicist as Phantoms of Folk in the press release announcing the disc's release) will be hopping around Europe, treating their overseas fans to their new songs.

Oh, and of those songs, according to Johnson in the presser: "For ten days we wrote, co-wrote, workshopped, complimented, scrutinized, drank, invited friends to come play music, smoked, made lots of notes and drawings, drank a little more and shot the BB gun off the back porch when we just needed some time and space. In the throes of all this, our record was made in the late February sun."

Among those friends invited to play along: North Texas' own Sarah Jaffe, Howard Draper and Scott Danbom. Not on all the songs, though. For instance, there doesn't appear to be much assistance offered by other parties on the spare "Twenty Cycles To The Ground," which Secretly Canadian has graciously passed along for DC9 readers to stream and download after the jump...

Bonus MP3: Molina and Johnson -- "Twenty Cycles To The Ground"

Worth the wait? I'd say so. As we head into the dark days of the Texas winter, this is about as perfect a soundtrack as we're likely to find all season.

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