Bonus MP3: Mom -- "Skipping Stones"
Mom brings the comfort music. (Melanie Gomez)

Bonus MP3: Mom -- "Skipping Stones"

I basically pour out my heart for Denton's electronic instrumental folk act Mom in my column in this week's paper, praising the band for its organic, mature sound. Mother's Day was an excuse for me to run the column on this band, who released their debut EP, Little Brite, back in September 2007. In turn, running that column is now an excuse for me to post this mp3 for you to download.

Mom -- "Skipping Stones"

This song's pretty much exactly what I was talking about when I called Mom's music "so stirringly beautiful, you almost drop your jaw the first time you hear it." Check it out.

And remember to catch them opening up for Stars of the Lid at the Granada Theater tomorrow night. --Pete Freedman


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