Bonus MP3: New Fumes to Release Limited Edition Vinyl EP Bump & Assassination on Good Records Recordings

It hasn't been a long time since veteran Dallas musician Daniel Huffman started his newest experimental noise-pop project, New Fumes. In only a year and a half, the former Ghostcar and Day of the Double Agent guitarist has catapulted himself into quite the spotlight. Namely, he'll be opening for The Flaming Lips and Neon Indian during the Jack Daniel's Kick-off Party at Palladium Ballroom on Thursday, February 3.

And, to coincide with the insane party that the Lips are sure to throw, Good Records Recordings will be releasing 500 colored-vinyl copies of New Fumes' new LP Bump & Assassination. Pretty impressive considering how selective the label is when releasing records.

"I wanted to explore what kind of music I could make on my laptop," says Huffman of the forthcoming record. "I just wanted to create a space with my music."

Hit the jump to download New Fumes from the "Say What You Think / Shaking Lyger Mountain" from the forthcoming record Bump & Assassination.

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