Bonus MP3: Novaak -- "The Red Door"

Yesterday, in our 35 Conferette locals-to-watch preview, fresh-faced Denton duo Novaak was among our picks of local performers that attendees should be sure not to forget about while attending this weekend's festivities. (Today's your last day to score on the last-minute discount tickets, by the way.) Convenient, then, that just this morning we received an e-mail from frontwoman Jessi James, complete with a new song to pass along from the Denton dream pop outfit, whose out-of-nowhere debut release, I Am, You Are, so impressed at the start of the year.

The song, called "The Red Door," is a little less anthemic than much of I Am, You Are, but with good reason. Explains James, the song "is part of an installation conceived by New York artists The Spinning Clones. Their idea is to see what happens when multiple musicians sample the same piece of music.

Interesting idea, for sure. Hear the original sample from which all songs in the installation are spawning right here. Then, after the jump, give Novaak's gorgeous, ethereal take on "The Red Door" a listen and download. You'll be glad you did -- glad enough, we think, to take note, as we did, of the fact that Novaak will perform their 35 Conferette show at 10 p.m. on Friday at Andy's Bar, right on the Square.

Bonus MP3:

Novaak -- "The Red Door"

Novaak -- "The Red Door"

That's some powerful stuff right there.

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