Bonus MP3: The Mohicans -- "Fa Shiggadow"

Here's what we know about local hip-hop duo The Mohicans at this point. First and foremost, they frickin' love the movie The Last of the Mohicans -- so much so that their upcoming release is named Uncas, in reference to the Mohican chief whose role is so prominent in the Kevin CostnerDaniel Day-Lewis-driven film. Second, they're the latest in what's becoming a long line of enticing area "blog rap" duos. Third, their members are named Kashus Klay and, in a hilariously simple turn, Dave. Fourth, they're coming out of the gate firing, with a sound that blends old-school hip-hop lyricism with traditional techno elements -- not unlike, say, the way Damaged Good$ first burst onto the scene.

But, uh, their stuff might be even better. No, really: A new leaked track from their upcoming release, "Fa Shiggadow," just might be our new top contender for song of 2011. It starts off unbelievably bouncy with its bassy base, then throws you through a loop when it adds in the techno elements around the chorus.

To hear them tell it in the song, they're trying to further establish the dance-heavy sound that all these duos are currently mining as the new Dallas hip-hop sound. Or, more specifically, as they rhyme in their chorus: "You thought this was the Dougie? / Dummy. The world has changed."

Indeed it has.

After the jump, give the song a much-merited download, courtesy of this insanely promising upstart.

Bonus MP3:

The Mohicans -- "Fa Shiggadow"

The Mohicans -- "Fa Shiggadow"

This song is more than a jam. It's fucking jelly.

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