Bonus MP3: The Orbans -- "85 Years"

Speaking of free music, Fort Worth favorites The Orbans reached out to our inboxes this week with a little treat: Seems there was some leftover material from the band's super-awesome 2010 release, When We Were Wild, and the band couldn't figure out what to do with it. So they passed it our way, and asked us to share one of the excess songs.

Gladly: "85 Years," which bassist Cliff Wright describes to us aptly as "a cool song that should be heard," might not have made the cut for When We Were Wild, but it very much matches that disc's oft-nostalgic sentiment. Featuring stark vocals from frontman Peter Black, the song tells a tale that extends over the course of an 85-year relationship and gets a nice boost in the form of some uplifting, almost Shins-like backing vocals from the rest of the band.

Give the track a listen and free download exclusively here on DC9 after the jump.

Bonus MP3:

The Orbans -- "85 Years"

The Orbans -- "85 Years"

Kinda goes to show just how good When We Were Wild is when a song this strong can't make the cut, huh?

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