Versatile's got something to say.
Versatile's got something to say.
Versatile's got something to say.

Bonus MP3: Versatile (feat. Carmen Rodgers) -- "Dream"

Ft. Worth-based rapper Versatile is releasing a new album this month called Verse The World. And while beats on the disc leave a little to be desired, Versatile at least stands out on it as an impressive lyricist--which I guess is all you can really ask for, considering that the album pegs Versatile more as a conscious rapper than as a club-banger MC.

The seventh track on the disc, "Dream," serves a perfect example of this; on it, Versatile discusses just how close black America is to achieving Martin Luther King's dream.

(In case you were wondering: America's still got some growing up to do in Versatile's eyes. But, hey, at least he's somewhat optimistic about the future.)

Just download the track already and see for yourself. Versatile (feat. Carmen Rodgers) -- "Dream"

The beat's a little slow at the beginning, yes. But give it a minute. The whole thing picks up once Versatile starts rhyming. -- Pete Freedman

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