Bonus MP3: Wild Party -- "Take My Advice"

Wild Party knows how to have a good time.
We've seen quite a few local bands call it quits over the last year or so, but the past few weeks have also seen a whole new crop of up-and-coming local acts sprout up--many of which we think are worth your time. Over the course of this week, we'll be sharing songs from a bunch of these new acts with you right here in this space.

One such act: Wild Party, a half-local, indie-pop act whose name seems to be more of a mission statement than a moniker. The band, including former Spaceman Spiff singer Jake Kreifels and former Broadast guitarist Ethan Kaufman, only has two shows under its belt to date, but its members have already made huge strides. In fact, they just landed in London for a sold out, nine-date UK tour with The Wombats. Pretty impressive stuff for a band that hasn't even released an album yet.

Wild Party is working on that, though: They've just released their first single, called "Take My Advice," in the UK on Friends vs. Records. The song has a definite Killers-by-way-of-Stokes chorus with a danceable rhythm throughout. With it, they're hoping to catch a few bites from some bigger labels. But in the meantime, we have it for you as a free download after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Wild Party -- "Take My Advice"

Wild Party -- "Take My Advice"

Catchy stuff, no doubt. We're expecting to hear much more from this young band in the future.

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