Zane Lewis' "Southland": Hot or Not?
Zane Lewis' "Southland": Hot or Not?
Zane Lewis' "Southland": Hot or Not?

Bonus MP3: Zane Lewis -- "Southland"

I know that Zane Lewis' modern country sound isn't exactly up most most of our readers' alley. Hell, it's not really up our alley, either (although I was, admittedly, a modern country apologist for a time in's how I started to get into Gary Allan's music). But Lewis is a local musician and his track "Southland" is our pick of the best off of his new self-titled disc, which we clued you into last month when we mentioned his album release party.

Now, Lewis has three more shows in the (extended) area this weekend--a radio performance in Sulphur Springs tomorrow night, an afternoon in-store at Hastings in Greenville on Saturday and then a night show at The Drunken Mule in Commerce that same night--which is as good an excuse as any for us to finally post the short cut of "Southland" that he sent our way a few weeks back for you to download. So, here it is:

Zane Lewis -- "Southland"

Sounds like Trace Adkins meets Montgomery Gentry to me, which, if you've ever watch Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on CMT--and I know you have--you know there's a market for.

But the question here lies in what exactly you guys think of the track. I'm really curious to hear your thoughts on this one. I'm sure Zane Lewis is, too, actually. -- Pete Freedman

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