Bonus MP3: Zanzibar Snails -- "Lengua"

In this week’s DC9 paper supplement, you'll see that I wrote about the new album from Zanzibar Snails, a Denton noise experiment headed by Michael Chamy and Nevada Hill. (Despite how it appears in the paper, Zanzibar Snails is the band name and Brown Dwarf is the album name. Sorry, we began our solemn Memorial Day toasts a bit early this year.)

Chamy gave us permission to post “Lengua,” the second of Brown Dwarf’s five sections. It’s one long, ominous drone with a bit of noise guitar and creepy viola scraping. Check it out:

Bonus mp3:

Zanzibar Snails -- "Lengua"

Zanzibar Snails -- "Lengua"

Chamy also just hepped us to some live footage of the band playing at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios last Saturday night that was just posted to YouTube. Joining Chamy and Hill onstage are Josh McWhirter, Aaron Gonzalez, Subkommander Mike Maxwell and Sarah Alexander of Dokodemodoa.

A warning: It’s considerably louder than the mp3, so adjust your volume accordingly. --Jesse Hughey

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