Eisley's kid sister Christie DuPree

Bonus MP3s: New Tracks From Eisley and Their Little Sister Christie DuPree

We had a chance to catch up with


over the weekend at Brewtones in Tyler, where they played a warm-up show for their "Over the River and Through the Wood Tour."

Turns out the young kids in Eisley aren't so young anymore. All are now married, save for bass player Garrin DuPree. The novelty of being kids in a family band wore off long ago.

But now that they're getting older, their kid sister Christie DuPree is edging into the spotlight with a collection of breezy Joni-Mitchell-by-way-of Iron & Wine songs. And her older bro and sisters couldn't be happier about Chistie's newfound knack for turning out melancholy pop numbers.

In fact, they've invited her to be the opening act on the entire two month tour, which will make its stop in Dallas on Saturday, November 27, at The Loft.

And, to whet your appetites, Eisley has been nice enough to supply us with a free mp3 of one of their most recent songs "The Valley." And, while we're at it, we're also throwing in bedroom-recorded track called "Sunday Morning - You and I" by Christie DuPree.

Download them both after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Eisley -- "The Valley"

Bonus mp3:

Christie DuPree -- "Sunday Morning - You and I"

Definitely check out the one from Christie. We're expecting big things already.

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