Bridge-o-Rama Adds More Acts, and The Relatives Get the Doc Treatment

As Unfair Park reported last week, in preview of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge lighting, Dallas' own gospel-funk group The Relatives will be headlining the March 3 Bridge-o-Rama event in celebration of its opening.

This is a big deal, as the family band, led by the indomitable Rev. Gean West, has played one show in Dallas since reforming. Or, rather, being "rediscovered" by Noel Waggener and Charisse Kelly of Austin's Heavy Light Records a few years ago.

Besides Austin's Possessed by Paul James and Rattletree Marimba, two more acts have been added to the March 3 event: Fort Worth's Quimikoz Del Son and Denton's Mariachi Quetzal.

More good news for The Relatives: They'll be taping an Austin City Limits episode on February 11, and Heavy Light's Charisse Kelly says Michael Emery, a director at KLRU/ACL, is heading up a documentary on them: "He saw them perform at the Black Joe Lewis taping and wanted to get more on our guys. Gonna be filming in Dallas as well."

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