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Buffalo Black Was at the Brink of Homelessness. Recording an Album Gave Him Purpose: Listen.

He was on the last six songs of his LP. Six damn songs and he would finish a yearlong endeavor under his new moniker, Buffalo Black. But shit always picks the most inopportune time to hit the fan. First his beloved grandparents died. Then his father experienced financial hardships. As if couldn't get worse, Jamil Kelley lost his job soon after. It became too much for the young Kelley to handle, so he moved out of his parents' house in Redbird, and traveled around the metroplex, crashing on couches and making the drive to Allen every day to record, where more than 80 percent of the record would be completed at a friend's house.

"There were times where sacrifice to achieve a dream took precedent, and my dream at the time was to record my album," he says.

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Lee Escobedo