Burr & His Brides: Doug Burr Releases New Record Today

Denton's Doug Burr is continuing with his fixation on very sad-looking veiled brides. The cover of his Trembling Lips and Pale Fingertips 7-inch record, out today on Spune/Velvet Blue Music/Tree Fall Sounds, shows an alternative shot of the same bride featured on the cover of his 2010 album O Ye Devastator. This time, the shot -- in black and white -- looks a bit bleaker.

Similarly, the four songs on the new record -- two of which are on the actual vinyl, and all four are available for download -- offer alternate looks at three songs from O Ye Devastator. "A Black Wave is Comin'" sees two stripped-down makeovers, and "Chief of Police in Chicago" and "Do You Hear Wedding Bells" are remade as well.

You can download the songs from iTunes, but do the right thing and go grab a physical copy at Good Records before they sell out.

Hear Burr and his band perform these songs and many other on Friday night at 35 Denton. He's got the highly coveted slot supporting John Vanderslice at the KXT 91.7-FM showcase at Dan's Silverleaf.

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