Celebrate CD Source's 20th Anniversary This Friday

CD Source has been servicing Dallas' music needs for what will be approximately 20 years this coming Friday -- owner Lance Price opened the store on December 5, 1993. A lot has happened in 20 years: we've seen the digitization of music sales, a resurgence in the vinyl medium, the steady decline of the music industry and, in turn, the precipitous extinction of the record store niche. But CD Source is still going strong, and then some, having not only doubled in size since first opening, but also expanding their largely CD-based inventory to include an impressive selection of vinyl LPs as well. "It's like we've gone back to the future" owner Lance mused, "our record selection has really grown leaps and bounds." Because record stores play an incalculable role in any local music scene, and contribute significantly to the general richness of a cities' culture, the continued prosperity of a place like CD Source is cause for celebration.

Coinciding with the shop's 20th anniversary is the annual Black Friday Record Store Day, and CD Source intends to make an unforgettable event out of the occasion. Lucky you, everyone's invited. Opening early this Friday at 6 A.M., with loads of free food (Freebirds, Potbelly, Fuddruckers, and more) and live shows running on the hour from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M., CD Source is sure to be the best record store day experience in all of DFW, especially given that Greenville neighbor Good Records will not be formally celebrating Black Friday RSD this year. Apart from the store's usual offerings (unparalleled depth of used music, and cheap prices), I asked Lance what he was most excited to offer customers on CD Source's 20th anniversary, "Great live music, free food, over one hundred record store day special releases...and hundreds of new CDs on sale for only $5," he responded. Well, that's good enough for me.

It's refreshing to hear Price, after all these years, still describe the experience of owning a record shop as being like, "a kid in a candy store." Perhaps, that's why CD Source still excels at delivering in all the areas a great record store should - friendly, knowledgeable, extensive selection, fair prices - because its owner is still brimming with a true passion for his product.

"You never know what people will bring in next," says Price. If you've never had the privilege of shopping at CD Source, that's the beauty of this place; from out of print jazz essentials and avant-garde classical performances, to radio hits and obscure techno compilations, on any given day, you can find almost anything at this store.

On hearing my intention to attend CD Source's 20th anniversary/Record Store Day celebration a friend recently asked me, "It's 2013, so why go to a record store, why buy physical music?" I chose to respond using Price's words: "[Because] it's a lot more fun to show off a record or CD collection than it is an iTunes library." See you guys Friday.

Note: All details for CD Source's 20th anniversary event (including special releases, live lineup, and participating restaurants) can be found on their Facebook page.

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Jonathan Patrick