Centro-matic Continues Free Download Spree, Shares Redo the Stacks For Next 24 Hours

Centro-matic has long been a jewel of the local music scene -- and emphasis on long, as the band's been around since 1996.

That year was when main man Will Johnson -- fresh out of Funland -- released Centro-matic's debut album, Redo the Stacks, recording each and every instrument on his own, with his future sideman, Matt Pence, recording it for him at his Denton studio.

Listening to the album today -- as we've been doing with all of Centro-matic's back catalog of late, gearing up for the release of their whopping tenth album (not counting Will Johnson solo efforts or South San Gabriel discs), Candidate Waltz, which is set for release next Tuesday -- the disc really stands the test of time. An especially lo-fi, energetic affair, the disc, even though its somewhat hilariously misnamed by the folks at Amazon as Redo the Slacks, very much sounds fresh today.

Surely, then, this is good news: The band announced today that, through tomorrow, they're making that initial release available as a free download. This news comes less than a month after the band passed along a free download of their Candidate Waltz lead single, "Only in My Double Mind," as well as 24 other tracks from across their 15-year career.

Stream and download Redo the Stacks after the jump. It's definitely worth it, if only for "Fidgeting Wildly."

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