From top left to lower right: The Oxymorons, Larkin Poe, Peelander-Z and BLXPLTN will headline the 10th annual Thin Line Festival in Dallas in April.
From top left to lower right: The Oxymorons, Larkin Poe, Peelander-Z and BLXPLTN will headline the 10th annual Thin Line Festival in Dallas in April.
Courtesy of Thin Line Fest

The 10th Thin Line Fest Has a Huge Music Lineup, and It Won't Cost You a Penny to See

The Thin Line Fest has brought an eclectic mix of musical acts and documentaries to downtown Denton for the last nine years. This year, they plan to celebrate their 10th by giving a gift to their fans that's more than just a lineup of music and movies.

The 10th annual Thin Line Fest will offer free admission from Wednesday, April 19 to Sunday, April 23.

"It's the festival's 10th anniversary but aside from that, we wanted to see what would happen if we eliminated the price of a ticket as a barrier," says Dallas Guill, the festival's music programmer. "We want to pull more people in and get the community involved and expose these documentaries and bands to more people and this seemed like a good way to do it."

This year, the festival is also moving outdoors for the first time to accommodate a larger expected crowd. The festival will not only stage shows and screenings at various venues around the downtown Denton area but will also erect its main music stage on the lawn of the Denton County Courthouse and screen films in Travelstead.

"What we really wanted to do was create an experience that spans the whole downtown area," he says. "Having something on the courthouse lawn kind of helped connect everything."

Guill says they've also worked to make sure that the music and movie lineups feature a wide mix of talent and stories that can reach as many different tastes as possible and give the fans plenty of opportunities to discover new favorites.

"For me, it's a mix of old and new," Guill says. "That's why I feel like me and Bryan Denny [make a good team]. He used to do bookings at Rubber Gloves. He knows so many of these bands that have been around longer than I was and I kind of complement him with some of the newer ones. So there definitely was some preference there on either side but we went for diversity and I feel we definitely achieved it and especially compared to previous years."

The full lineup of musical acts playing Thin Line Fest this year:

Larkin Poe
Mind Spiders
Supersonic Lips
Bastards of Soul
Sam Lao
Kwinton Gray
Raelyn Nelson
88 Killa
Erik Chandler Band
Raised Right Men
Southpaw Preachers
The Monkberries
Sky Window
Birds of Night
Sonar Lights
Chase Ryan
Alex Hastings
Paul Slavens
Claire Morales
Frankie J. Rienke
Ten Can Riot
Party Static
Elijah Heaps & Nikolai Rya
J. Catalyst
Richard Gilbert
Ellie Meyer
Matt Farmer
The Single Issues
For Now
The Heavy Hands
Danny Diamonds
Bad Sports
Dead Flowers
Layne Elizabeth
Matt Grigsby
Vanessa Peters
Felt & Fur
Mountain Song
Project Freeplay
Greg Vanderpool
Shaolin Death Squad

Thin Line Fest, April 19-23, Denton, free admission. For a list of participating venues and more info, visit

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