Check Out Ulises Via Free Songs

Local hip-hop/R&B artist Ulises let word out his songs can be downloaded for free via his MySpace page. There’s something kind of Prince about this guy. He’s completely rough around the edges, but he has drive and with his audacious pics and assertive self-campaigning, I wouldn't be surprised if he somehow became a potential big deal (notice the disclaiming vernacular). Heck, he’s already getting some Internet and public radio play out in Los Angeles and Springfield according to his blog and local rag Harder Beat gave his debut, Projection Beautiful, a positive review.

His semi-awkward performances at Poor David’s Pub show he needs to work on his stage charisma, but his dance rehearsal for "Projection Beautiful," the CD’s title track, is somewhat inspired. While his voice runs a little flat, there are traces of Usher hidden in there. The music isn’t entirely complex either (think Casio keyboard and some good music software), but I was surprisingly caught up in "Mixed Signals." Although, I can’t quite tell what he’s saying on any of his songs. I’m curious to know the lyrics to his song "Cancer." Yikes.

With some time and maturity and an upgrade on a photographer, he could blow up. We’ll see what he can offer on his sophomore release that’s in the works now.

Although, I’m not sure what’s going on in this video of Ulises on the Double Wide stage (See it after the jump). Fringe? Maybe I’ll take everything I said back. -- Rich Lopez

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.