Church of the Snake, Assacre, Chief Death Rage, Eat Avery's Bones

Denton has long been infamous for its sporadic house-party shows, but at long last somebody has gotten serious about it. The House of Tinnitus (628 Lakey St.) might be now the prime North Texas destination for the oddball musical misfits passing through who can't, won't or just don't wanna set foot in the concrete club world. Case in point: the abomination from Austin known as Assacre (Massacre without the, uh...). Picture this: one young gay man with a guitar, in an outlandishly colorful costume, complete with Godzilla mask and a smorgasbord of riff-tastic classic-metal backing tracks from his juicy catalog of choice cuts such as "Gayer Than God." Also passing through is Arkansas' Church of the Snake, featuring members of the similarly ironic electro-hesher cocktail Attractive & Popular. Rounding out this extroverted evening are Denton's Chief Death Rage, a Sabbath-y project helmed by the Undoing of David Wright's Shane English, and the spastically infectious Eat Avery's Bones, one of Dallas' few great young hopes.
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Michael Chamy

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