Clear Channel Lays Off Radio Personalities Josh Venable, Adrian Hummel, Michael Blake

Word came today that Clear Channel has laid off KDGE-102.1 FM's Josh Venable (again), and KHKS-106.1 Kiss FM's Adrian Hummel and Michael Blake (Kidd Kraddick). This marks another wave off lay-offs, which started at Clear Channel back in 2009, and adds to the chimney-sweeping that's happened at other Dallas radio stations this year.

Update 5:20p.m.: We reached out to Venable, who had this to say: "It feels weird to home at 5 in the afternoon. I'm probably going to sit on the couch and watch Bond blu-rays, like I probably did the last time this happened to me.

"But if you take one thing away from [this call], it's that I cannot put into words how much I appreciate the support over the last 20 years. That there are people who have Adventure Club tattoos is unfathomable. I've heard from people who listened to the show every week, who never missed a show. People who met their significant others via the show. People who said I shaped their lives by the music I played. I appreciate it, from the bottom of my heart. Or the heart of my bottom."

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