Clearing Out The Mailroom: Paper Tongues, Gwyneth & Monko, Dave Gleason

We've got quite a backlog of CDs we've never gotten around to, so we're going to try to chip away at the pile with this regular feature. The plan: to take a few at a time and play each CD for as long as I can stand it.

Paper Tongues (Charlotte, NC)
S/T (A&M)

Are you more than a little bummed that Limp Bizkit opted to not hit the reunion-tour trail this summer, after all? Or perhaps you dig your rap-rock with less nookie-intensive numbers? Maybe you have always wondered what a teenage, red-Yankees-cap-sporting Thomas Mars would sound like had he been rocking a Casio while digging on "Rollin"? Wonder no more, friend. Thanks to the self-titled, Randy Jackson-produced debut of Paper Tongues, you'll never be plagued with such wonderings again.
I made it to: 3:32 into Track 2, "For the People."

Gwyneth & Monko (Mendocino, CA)
Good Old Horse (Reclamation Station)

Are you an all-natural kind of gal who has a hard time sleeping? Sure, you've tried different forms of herbal, nighttime remedy, yet you still have to count way too many sheep in order to catch some winks, only to be awoken by the rooster's crow a few moments later? Well, don't get all modern and start popping city-people pills -- just pop in the five song, predominantly acoustic EP from Gwyneth & Monko. With an opening tune that actually seems to be about a horse, you should be snoozing just after supper in no time. If not, then get that buggy rolling to the nearest Rexall and have Old Man Crowley mix you up a mickey from the stash in his backroom.
I made it to: 2:15 into Track 3, "Lexington Ballad."

Dave Gleason (Los Angeles, CA)
Turn & Fade (326 Records)
Are you a prideful, slightly ignorant Texan who is pretty sure country music is only performed appropriately within our majestic confines? Perhaps you're a resident of the Golden State and tearfully assume that country music died with Buck Owens a few years ago, or even think that real California country music can only be played inside the walls of a prison? If you live outside of Bakersfield, California, and have wondered why anyone actually gives a crap about that city, then listen up, chum. The new record from Cali-country kingpin Dave Gleason is just the record for you. This fine, Telecaster-licious album will help you see the neon light and to fully realize that country music doesn't only occur when Kenny Chesney takes a pair of scissors to his sweaty T-shirt.
I made it to: Track 10, "Tonight."

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