DJ Frantic, R.I.P.
DJ Frantic, R.I.P.

DJ Frantic, R.I.P.

Clever Monkeys' DJ Frantic Dies in Car Accident

On Saturday, the Dallas Dance Music Forum posted

the following


R.I.P. DJ Frantic

Texas just lost one of its best DJs. Just got the word from Big J he passed away in a car wreck last night. My regards go out to all of his friends and family.

DJ Frantic and Big J made up the DJ/hip-hop team of the Clever Monkeys who spun all over the area either as a team or individually (see a video of the duo performing after the jump). Regular performances at the now defunct Monkey Bar, Absinthe Lounge and the Cavern gave listeners an array of music from '80s classics to up-to-the-minute hip-hop and funk.

No additional details have been mentioned. According to Frantic’s Web site, he had been spinning for almost 10 years. He taught the “Turntablism” DJ class at Dallas Sound Lab and, in addition to playing clubs and venues, he also played weddings and parties. By the looks of his calendar, he was to perform at a wedding on Saturday. No details have been mentioned as to how the accident happened.

Our condolences go to his wife, family and friends. -- Rich Lopez

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