Club Dada Shuts Down..But Only For Two Days, Turns Out

Just got off the phone with Club Dada co-owner Ben Tapia after receiving an anonymous tip (and also, in retrospect, an anonomiss tip) that Dada's doors were locked by an outside party this morning.

And turns out, yep, they had been--by Dada's landlords at Westdale Proprety Management.

"The doors are locked right now because of the taxes that have been owed and the debt that was acquired before I came in," says Tapia.

The venue had been scurrying to pay its backtaxes to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Tapia says. But, in trying to do so, making rent last month ended up being something of a difficult proposition. A rough September and October filled with low turnouts didn't help matters.

"We opened up with a bang, and we're trying to get ahead of the game now," Tapia says. "But it's tough."

Still, Tapia says he was just as surprised as anyone to see his club's doors locked this morning. But, as we spoke, Tapia, just having left a meeting with his Westdale rep, maintained relatively upbeat about the ordeal.

"Everything will be fine," he says, while making sure to point out that Dada's doors will re-open on Thursday, just in time for the club's busy weekend of shows from YACHT, Trail of Dead and others. "We have some big shows coming up. We'll be fine."

And if not? Well, we'll keep you posted. --Pete Freedman

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.