This is just stupid.

CMA Fest: Wow, This Is Ridiculous

So I posted this little entry on Tuesday night. Little did I know it'd be all over the Interwebs by this afternoon.

First this blog picked up on the item. Then Nashville's daily paper, The Tennessean picked up on it. Now, CMT is reporting it.

The worst part is that they're all crediting me, not the poor little news station that I found it on. They're all like "The Dallas Observer reports that..." and I'm all like "Say what?"

I've officially started a brouhaha.

I'm sure Kix Brooks is digging this, though. My post--in which, I'll have you know, I pretty much said that there's no chance that the festival will leave Nashville and that there's even less of a chance that Dallas gets it--has drummed up all sorts o' press for Brooks' "get paid" crusade in CMA Fest's home town. So, you're welcome, Kix. Put me in your next album's liner notes. -- Pete Freedman


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