Cocky Americans Release Timely End-of-The-World Music Video For Their Song "2012"

So. The end of the world: It may or may not becoming this weekend. We're still not really sure.

This much we're quite certain about, though: Nice timing on Cocky Americans' part, releasing today the music video for their end-of-the-world-themed song, "2012."

Woo! Just in time for the apocalypse!

It's the second very well done clip offered up by the Strokes-y locals, who now have as strong a music video catalog as any band in the region, even though we're still waiting on a formal release beyond the couple of tracks on CDRs that we got shipped a few years back now. As with last year's "Romance Tried to Kill Me," this video was directed by the Luu Brothers and produced by Zach Bush, who, quite clearly, have a very nice thing going on; they're also the minds behind Man Factory's epic "Balrog 24/7" and Hormones' flashy "To The 9's."

My only issue: A friend of the band excitedly told me about the clip this past weekend, telling me how it featured a cameo from Dorrough, who, I was told could be seen dancing in the clip wearing a sandwich board proclaiming that the end was near. You can imagine my excitement. Turns out I heard wrong. though. It doesn't feature Dorrough; it features "Derow." As in "Chris Derow," as in the one-time frontman for the now-defunct area band The League of Fucking Decency. Still a funny cameo -- just not quite the same gravitas. Oh well.

Regardless: Another great video. Give it a watch after the jump.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.