Colin Hanks Wants You To Help Him Fund His Tower Records Documentary...

Tower Records is a record store chain that once had a shop in Dallas. Last we checked, the old building where it was housed was going to be turned into an appliance store, although nothing of the sort has happened yet. (But, for what it's worth, Wilonsky swears he saw something happening there yesterday, even).

Colin Hanks, meanwhile, is the son of Tom Hanks and an actor and a former, albeit short-lived, Dallasite that thinks people from Dallas are just the sweetest.

We bring both of these things up because, merited or not, Colin Hanks is now asking for your help in funding his upcoming documentary on the record store chain via Kickstarter too, which is something that, by now, you should be well familiar with.

See Hanks tell you why he needs your money after the jump.


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