Cool Out Returns to Mondays, Plus More Weekly DJ Nights To Fill Your Dance Card

There are a few regular gigs we all miss: the Party at Zubar, the impromptu Sunday night DJ sessions at the old MINC, the Cavern's Monday night Cool Out sessions. They have all given way to new DJ nights, but sometimes when you love something it really does come back to you.

Such is the case with Tony Schwa and Adam Pickrell's revival of Cool Out, Monday nights at the Gin Mill. There will always be collective nostalgia for The Cavern's dark and cozy upstairs room, but we've all aged a little since then, and graduating to a slightly more sophisticated room seems fitting.

Stopping by for a nightcap post-Chappelle last night, I was pleased to see some of the old folks as well as some of the new, enjoying a drink on the Gin Mill's revamped patio. The disco and funk is certainly available if you want to dance, but mostly what you get is a soundtrack to wind down your Monday.

While planning your week, you may want to entertain other moving parts in the Dallas DJ scene. Glamorama, Blake Ward's popular Friday night at Beauty Bar, has moved to Saturday night in the same space. DJ Red Eye takes over Friday night at Beauty Bar, and Saturday at It'll Do.

CoLab's Tuesday night improvisational jazz and hip-hop shows at Zubar always impress, plus Tyrone Smiley and Brent B. are heading up a summer Thursday weekly there, for the hip-hop head who needs even more choices. Fishr Pryce's Monday night "Fishr and Friends" party at the Boiler Room invites other DJs to play music they are currently digging. No requests, but really guys, no requests ever, OK?

Wanz Dover's Sunday Lost Generation night at Arcade Bar may have ended, but you can find him on Wednesdays at Bryan Street Tavern, Thursdays at The Foundry and Fridays at Nova. With a slightly different focus than Lost Generation, look to Dover for his take on funk, soul, garage rock and classic post-punk.

The favorites are still around as well. Rio Room's Thursday series, still going head to head with DJ Sober's Big Bang party at Beauty Bar, consistently makes for one of the hardest nightlife decisions in town. Wednesday night's jam session at The Prophet Bar with RC Williams and The Gritz Band continues to be a dream, but keep an eye out for the occasional Sunday jam with Williams and crew at Sandaga 813. In addition to their grooves, there is barbecue!

And there are more in the mix? Let us know the weekly you never miss in the comments.

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