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Crushed Stars Announces New Album, Shares Music Video

The last time Frisco's Crushed Stars released a record, 2010's Convalescing in Braille, singer Todd Gautreau -- the man behind the moniker -- only played one show. It happened on a Thursday night at La Grange and that was it.

Now, fans can expect the same as Crushed Stars announces plans to release its next record, In The Bright Rain, on March 6 via Simulacra Records. Gautreau, still not big on performing live -- too much work, too little reward -- doesn't forecast any shows this time around.

"I'm not thinking I will unless there's a demand for it," Gautreau said on the phone earlier. "I'd rather have someone spend the hour listening to the record rather than listening to me trying to recreate it. As we get closer to the release, if I get excited, I'll do one."

In the past, though, his dislike for performing live hasn't stopped him from receiving heaps of good reviews from the likes of Pitchfork, which wrote, "The stunning result is enough to make you wish it were night all day long."

In The Bright Rain shouldn't be much different. Gautreau employed Oak Cliff producer Stuart Sikes to record his most recent effort, and with the help of Jeff Ryan (St. Vincent), Howard Draper (Okkervil River) and Buffi Jacobs (Polyphonic Spree), he's got collection of songs that "has a much brighter sound."

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