D-Notes: "It's Rock-Thirty In My Mind"

Somebody posted a couple o' Youtube clips from the Chomsky reunion on Saturday night at the Double-Wide. Here's the better of the two:

"15 Minutes to Rock" by Chomsky

(How does one punctuate "rock-thirty"? Is it that way? Or "rock:30"? Does anyone know?)

It was, indeed, quite a fun show. I was there. So were these guys, apparently.

And, since we're on the subject now, here's some more notes for after the jump...

The above video, although indicative of the loose, fun time the night offered, actually showcases a low-point of the night, when the lead singer from opening act Tonite Tonite, decided to be all rock 'n' roll by stealing guitarist Glen Reynolds' mic and singing along. Because, you know, he's the reason the room was packed to capacity (or beyond)...

Never heard of Tonite Tonite? Hmmm. Well, just to clear things up, they're NOT (go figure) a Smashing Pumpkins cover band...

Anyway, I missed Tonite Tonite's set on Saturday--was too busy catching the early goings of John Dee Graham's very VH1 Storytellers-esque set at AllGood Cafe--but I've caught Tonite Tonite before, at Club Dada, so I wasn't exactly beating myself up about it. The stuff on their MySpace page is OK, I guess--Reynolds is quoted on there, giving these young artists props for being all heroin chic and whatnot--but it just doesn't really work out so hot live. The singer, at Dada at least, needed to learn to pay more attention to the crowd and not just to himself while up on stage. And maybe when he's off it, too: I'm pretty sure no one was at the Double-Wide on Saturday to see Tonite Tonite...

They were there for Chomsky, for certain, even though the on-hiatus-for-three-years band played second on this three-act bill. Should be interesting to see what comes next for these guys... After the show, Reynolds confirmed that there will, indeed, be more Chomsky shows in the near future. He wasn't just blowing smoke when he said as much on stage...

Real surprise of the night, though, was The Crash That Took Me. The headliners of the set added a seventh member to the band for it's show on Saturday--a violinist--which only added to the whole wall-of-sound thing the Crash has going on. It was a really engrossing set, actually, which surprised the hell out of me. Live, the Crash is a much more intriguing entity than it is on disc. Or maybe I just have to give Orchestrated Kaleidescope another listen... -- Pete Freedman

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