Dada Opens Venue's Former Green Room Space As New Dive Bar Concept Called The Red Door

This past Sunday night in Deep Ellum, the folks behind Dada officially opened their side-room space, which had been previously used as the venue's green room and by the previous owners as "The Listening Room," as a new dive bar concept called The Red Door.

The soft, unannounced opening took place during the venue's now-regular Sunday night DJ nights, which, this past week, featured Deejay Ceepee (aka Good Records' Chris Penn) on the proverbial one's and two's.

These DJ nights will now permanently take place in this new space, along with a few other recurring weekly events, including the venue's Tuesday night karaoke event with Carmen (who runs a similar deal at The Goat) and a new Wednesday night "Game Night," during which patrons can play any of the expected five arcade games the room will eventually boast or pool on the room's billiards table, free of charge.

More than likely, though, the new room won't be featuring music. Not any time soon, at least.

"We're just using the space as a dive bar," Florence says. "We've got the big, bad room and the patio out back for live music."

Still, as one would expect, a music vibe persists in The Red Door nonetheless.

In the corner, there's a mural featuring various music icons painted by Steve Hunter, who's also responsible for the murals painted in the main room at Dada, as well as in the back hallway at City Tavern. And, along the new spot's shared wall with the main room, another welcome sight -- those old, distinctive booths and tables from Dada's halcyon days, which were removed during the renovations that took place shortly after this most recent ownership team took over the lease on the building.

"We just think it's a really neat space," says Dada owner Josh Florence. "There will never, ever be a cover. There will always be cold, cheap drinks."

Except for Monday nights. The Red Door will be open six nights a week, Tuesday through Sunday.

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