Dallas-Based Concert Promoter Sued in Federal Court Over South American Motley Crue Shows

In a Dallas federal courthouse on Tuesday, a civil lawsuit was filed against Dallas-based concert promoter Gabe Reed, accusing Reed and his company, Gabe Reed Productions, of fraud, breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation as pertains to a handful of Motley Crue concerts that took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this past May.

The person filing the suit, Buenos Aires-based concert promoter Ariel Vigo claims that he and Reed, who claims to represent Motley Crue, had reached an agreement to bring the band to Argentina for a run of shows. According to the lawsuit filed, after Reed confirmed the performances and Vigo wired Reed half of the band's $300,000 fee as an advance, Reed backed out of the agreement, moved forward with another promoter and threw a string of Motley Crue concerts in Argentina, while simultaneously refusing to return to Vigo his initial $150,000 investment.

Meanwhile, the only apparent difference between Vigo's proposed show and the one that eventually took place is the opening act; whereas Vigo proposed Papa Roach, the above poster shows that the concert that took place featured an opening set from Buckcherry.

As a result, Vigo is suing Reed not only for the unreturned $150,000, but also for $2 million in estimated lost profits from not being able to produce the two nights of concerts that eventually took place on May 19 and 20 of this year.

Attorneys representing Vigo are for the moment declining the chance to comment on the lawsuit. Reed, meanwhile, could not be reached.

After the jump, peruse the suit filed earlier this week.

Motley Crue Show Lawsuit

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