Dallas' Best Kid-Friendly Dance Party is the Zoo's Safari Nights

Welcome to The Weekly, where we'll tell you what's happening at various weekly musical events going on in DFW this summer. Some of them will be well-known scenes, some will be considerably less so.

Spending a Saturday night at The Dallas Zoo this summer entails more than monkeys and giraffes. Every Saturday night The Dallas Zoo hosts Safari Nights concert series where different bands perform from 7 to 9 p.m. A fairly dense crowd gathers between the cougars and the owls in a small field, sitting in chairs and on blankets brought from home. The Zoo welcomes guests to bring their own food items and even some drinks to really enjoy the show. The event is obviously popular with families, as it was the little ones (later joined by the big ones) who were up and dancing to the sounds of Satisfaction, the Rolling Stones Tribute Band at a recent Safari Night.

Andy Malone and his family were in attendance of Safari Nights for the second week in a row, and look forward to returning.

"Seeing Hard Day's Night last week was something really special," Malone says. "I'd never really got The Beatles before, but everybody was in smiles. You could actually see the affect of the music -- it was really cool."

Malone and his family had dinner that night on their picnic blanket while they listened to the sounds of the Rolling Stones with wild animals in their near distance. Malone even brought a watermelon to share with the crowd.

Safari Nights will continue brining music to Texas' biggest zoo until the end of August.

Who will you see there? The last three acts of the summer include A1A Live (a Jimmy Buffet tribute), The Killdares and Sara Hickman. Aside from the music, you're bound to run into everyone from families, friends, dates, kids and obviously, some animals.

When can you go? Every Saturday night form 7 to 9 p.m. until the end of July.

What's the cost? Concerts are free with the price of regular zoo admission.

Where do you get tickets? No tickets for the show, just get your zoo entrance at the front gates.

Eating and drinking? The zoo welcomes guests to back their own coolers of whatever food and drinks they want. There's also food trucks, ice cream stands and easily accessible cold beer and wine.

What should I take? It would be a good idea to bring a picnic blanket to sit on or a few chairs. While there are a few picnic tables and benches, the majority of the sitting area is the small open field, so it would be nice to have a your own sitting material.

Where should I park? Zoo parking is eight bucks if you're not a member.

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