Dallas County Commish John Wiley Price Loves Dallas, Pops Up In Random Show Promo Clip

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price is an interesting character made only more interesting by the fact that he drives around town in an SUV wrapped with images of the downtown skyline and himself. And that's saying nothing of his cornrows and bowties. Dude's ballin'.

Which is why it's kind of fitting that he pops up at the end of the above clip meant to promote the Los Angeles-based electronic DJ duo Classixx's gig at the House of Blues tonight. Tough to say if Price had any idea why he was being filmed -- aside, of course, from the chance to share his name and his affection for the city. But I just keep laughing at the fact that he somehow got roped into doing this nonetheless.

Give it a watch above. And, if you're so inclined, spurred on by the sounds of Classixx's song "I'll Get You," you can RSVP to attend tonight's event for free right here.


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