Dallas Observer Mixtape with Cache Money: Tiger Stripes, DJ Boris & More

Not that long ago, techno music was a dirty secret in Dallas. It was genre banned from peak-time status and banished to the wee-hour slots — if it was booked at all. But, in the form of their production duo Cache Money, Andrew Gleboff and Adam Jilek are a perfect examples of young DJs digging deeper than the more commercial dance sounds to look for music rooted in the underground scene. For this week's mixtape, Cache Money takes us on a excursion into the profound and often darker side of techno, and close out the set with their own track, "Arboria."

Dallas Observer: How did Cache Money come about?

Glebhoff: We had started DJing around the same time, and eventually started Cache Money as a trap project just for fun and a few laughs. We were both playing very different types of music solo at the time, and I was always interested to see where our combined tastes would take us when producing together.

How did you get into production?

Glebhoff: I started playing around with samples and VSTs when I was about 12, but really got into things once I started DJing and learned more about how to compose music. It took a long time and a lot of horrible tracks, but the desire to write tracks of the same caliber as what I was hearing on various charts and blogs was motivation to keep going and break past the learning curve.

Jilek: I had been in and out of bands since I was 13 and started playing around in a trial version of FL Studio roughly 6 years ago. What started as something I toyed around with every few weeks gradually became a massive hobby as I started digging up information on sound design and production through various internet forums.

What is your relationship with techno?

Glebhoff: I’ve always had a taste for techno since I found the “Techno” station on AOL radio as a kid. It really started to hit me once I heard Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Radio in my car a few times in high school. After a few weeks of digging through tracks and exploring artists and labels, I was sure that techno was my one true love.

Jilek: I wasn’t all too familiar with techno until the last few years. However I’ve been a big fan of the darker side of electronic music since I was a kid listening to bands like Nine Inch Nails, the Crystal Method, Massive Attack, et cetera.

What producers and DJs have you been following lately?

Glebhoff: I’m a big Drumcode fan and follow everything they do pretty religiously, as well as their sister label, Truesoul. Some other favorites lately include Len Faki, Clouds, all the guys on Octopus Recordings, Slam, Jay Lumen and Scuba.

Jilek: I’m big on almost everything on Ellum and Drumcode, some major names being Nicole Moudaber, Harvey McKay, ANNA, Eekkoo, Shall Ocin, Maceo Plex and Dense & Pika.

What has been your most significant musical experience of the past year?

Glebhoff: I’d say our biggest experience of the past year was opening for Kill the Noise and Knife Party at The Bomb Factory. Although it wasn’t a strictly techno set, it was huge playing for a few thousand people on that amazing system. Lights All Night this year was also really great since we got to play with so many friends and acquaintances from all over.

Do you listen to music outside of electronic music?

Glebhoff: I don’t often listen to other music, but I’ve always loved laid back hip-hop beats to relax to. I also go back and listen to the various bands I was into in elementary school from time to time, for a nostalgia trip.

Jilek: Most everything I listen to has some kind of electronic element included, but I listen to much more laid back stuff if I’m not writing or out at a show. Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of Jon Hopkins, Sorrow/Asa, Burial, Sigur Ros and Grouper.

1. ANNA - Redemption (Original Mix)
2. Paride Saraceni - Cold Summer (Original Mix)
3. DJ Jock - Memories (Original Mix)
4. Shall Ocin - The Cliff (Original Mix)
5. Marco Faraone - Boost (Original Mix)
6. Tiger Stripes - Body Shake (Original Mix)
7. Mark Reeve - Hold Me (Original Mix)
8. DJ Boris - Language (Carlo Lio Remix)
9. DJ Jock - What You Say (Original Mix)
10. Slam, Mr. V - Take You There (Original Mix)
11. Vinicius Honorio - Unforeseen Future (Original Mix)
12. Kaiserdisco - Black Light (Cache Money Remix)
13. Dense & Pika - Edging Forward (Original Mix)
14. Enrico Sangiuliano - X-Pollination (Original Mix)
15. Miss Kittin, Djedjotronic - Pleasure & Pain (Jensen Interceptor Remix)
16. Cache Money - Arboria
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