Dallas Observer Mixtape with Chris Roze: Doctor Jeep, Tuff Culture & More

Chris Roze is a consistent face among forward but floor-friendly club music DJs. As a member of Trillwave, he's been a part of the many parties that crew has thrown at Beauty Bar over the past year. The Trillwave crew has bowed out of the always challenging world of DJ weeklies in favor of focusing on individual events and parties. Roze has kept busy holding down his own residencies around town and expanding his reach by stepping into the production world. For this week's mixtape, Roze delivers a varied an often unpredictable mix of bass-heavy, four-on-the-floor club business.

Dallas Observer: How has your involvement in the Dallas DJ scene change over the past few years?

Chris Roze: I currently have two monthly residences and just ended a weekly residency with Trillwave. Through Trillwave and some new ventures, I’m now helping to book shows and finally starting to put effort into producing.

How was this mix made? Is there a particular theme for the track selection?

This mix was recorded on CDJS and the theme is bass driven. I’ve blended several genres into this one mix to give it a bassy, breaky feel. For my last few mixes, I’ve used a silly or embarrassing childhood pic for the cover art. In this one, I’m sporting a sleeveless shirt and a rat tail. So why not call it Tuff Traxxx!

What genres are you most comfortable operating in nowadays?

Nu disco, house, tech-house, bass-house, and some of the clubbier (130 to 140) type sounds that fall into many sub-genres.

Where do you like to dig for tracks?

I get most of my tracks from email blogs and podcast/Internet radio mixes.

What is the most profound musical experience you have had in the past year?

I went on two music cruises this past year. I was able to play the pre-party before the first cruise, and on the second cruise I was able to see some truly great sets by some of my favorite new artists on Dirtybird and Nightbass. The best set is when the audience is 100 percent in and the DJ works off that energy. I was able to experience that energy the entire trip with the music and crowd, something that I generally only witness a few shows a year.

What are your residencies nowadays?

Windmill Lounge on the last Saturday of the month and “The Move” at Off the Record with Black Frames on the second Thursday of every month.

What is going on with Trillwave nowadays?

Nothing at the moment, in the way of a residency. We are taking a break and are focusing on bigger events. We had a good weekly run at Beauty Bar and Zubar and want to thank them for the opportunity.

What other gigs do you have coming up in the near future?

I’m on the bill for Sinden this Friday and Shiba San next month. Our new project, the Shadows, has our first show at It’ll Do next Friday with Doctor Jeep and Tony Quattro. (Peep the mix for some of their tracks.) It’s also my b-day party, so come say hi!

What producers have been catching your ear lately?

Maximono, Chris Lorenzo, NVOY and Motsa.

Do you produce?

I've been dabbling for a while, but trying to devote more time. One of the tracks in the mix is by me. It's unfinished but I like the vibe of it.

Where do you like to dig for tracks?

Soundcloud, Juno, and the various email blogs I'm on.

What drives you to pursue DJing?

I love to move a crowd and expose them to new music. I have as much fun playing low-key background music in a cocktail lounge as I do rocking a large party where the music and dancing is the focus.

Setlist :
Rinse & Repeat - Riton
Kah-lo (Interscope)
Control - Rain City Riot (Party Like Us)
Hey Girl - ANGELZ (Confession)
Black Tao - AUGUSTII (Artist Intelligence)
Don't Give A Fuck Style - Maximono (Label Worx/Dirtybird)
Balut - Bot & Tony Quattro (Night Bass)
ID - CHRS ROZE (unreleased)
Outsourced - Wobblecraft (Analog)
All Night - NVOY (Black Butter)
Music 4 Nasty People - Nytron (Maze)
More Fire (feat. $tush) - Riddim Commission (Night Bass)
Nympho (VIP Edit) - Ryan Collins (SVB ROSA)
Diamond Rangs - Bot, Sage Armstrong (Main Course)
Bad Bitch - GRRL (GANG)
Spectrum (Redlight Remix) - GoldLink (Soulection)
Pivotal - Hotfire (Nightbass)
Step 2 Funk - DVA (Hyperdub (Redeye))
Balance - Jakob (This Ain’t Bristol)
The Calling (RaveU! Edit) - Chris Lorenzo & Chris Lake (Vacation)
Runnin’ - NOAHPLAUSE (unreleased)
Clapdance VIP - Lobby (Prjkts)
Artillery - Tuff Culture (Four40)
Bloko Bloko (Gucci Boo Remix) - Aquadrop, Rayna (Top Billin)
Queens to Brixton - Cadenza x Jakwob (unreleased)
014 Riddim - Kinzy (Stripes)
Flash Area - Doctor Jeep (Trouble & Bass)
Able To See Me (Tali Kouch Flip) - Hippie Sabotage (unreleased)
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