Dallas Observer Mixtape with Dustin Evans: Drexciya, ERP and More

For the past three years, Dustin Evans has received the best club music education by living in Berlin, the beating heart of modern dance music. It's also a far cry from the more modest club scene of his native Texas. Every year he comes back to Dallas for a bit and picks up a few gigs. Evans produces music under the aliases Dallas Acid, Dallas Diesel and Textasy, insuring that even on his European adventures people still know where he comes from. Evans has an extremely wide palate musically, but admittedly tends to focus on electro. That focus is in full effect on the electro-heavy mixtape he provides us this week, which features tracks from Dallas producers ERP and Cygnus.

How did you get started DJing? How long have you been at it?

Evans: I started buying vinyl in high school. Going out to techno parties in Berlin is what got me interested in learning how to DJ. I taught myself how to mix after moving there about three years ago. Playing out has been the best way for me to learn how to spin records. Holding a dance floor is always a fun challenge.

How was this mix made? Is there a particular theme for the track selection?

I did this mix digitally in Ableton. I desired a certain amount of precision that I couldn’t as easily achieve with vinyl. I digitized a lot of my records then warped, chopped and edited them. At some points there are as many as four different tracks playing at once in the mix. I intended this mix to be a high-energy electro mix, with a forward-motion style of mixing, each track propelling the next one. There is a lot of bass in this mix, and it might damage your speakers.

How involved are you in the scene in Berlin?

I play live in various clubs and also DJ. Also for a year I organized a free monthly basement rave in an old GDR building with a few friends of mine called Freitanzkultur, or FTK for short … It was a place for people who are into electronic music to gather outside of a normal club environment and for the artists to play whatever they want to play. Artists would often play under secret names; for example, Objekt played as Hitchie Rawtin.

What attracted you to techno and electro?

I love electro because of how flexible and funky it is and how fun it is to dance to. It’s the original music for break-dancing. I never really got techno till I heard it for 10 hours straight in a club on a loud sound system.

What is your favorite piece of gear right now?

Really enjoying this Engine sequencer. It’s now the brains of my setup and I feel like I can slowly move away from relying on the computer for sequencing.

Do you still buy vinyl? If so, do you have a favorite record store, either online or storefront?

Yes I do. My favorite record store lately is Josey Records in Dallas. They have an incredible selection of funk and boogie records — though I mostly buy records in Berlin at places like Record Loft and HHV.

Do you have a preference between DJng and production?

I enjoy both. They complement each other well.

What other kinds of music do you enjoy outside of electronic music?

I like producers such as Prince, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, SOS Band, Mtume, Keith Sweat and Jodeci. I love hot buttered soul with a good bass line. I also listen to lots of ambient stuff as well people like Brian Eno and Gigi Masin. Listening to techno all the time can get a bit repetitive.

Who are some of your favorite DJs or producers of late?

The hidden constellation of very talented electro producers in the DFW metroplex is a constant source of inspiration. Producers like Cygnus, Plastic Sleeves and ERP, for example. I'm releasing a compilation of electro tracks from Texas artists soon on this vinyl label I’m starting with my friend Gavin Guthrie aka TX Connect. The label is called Texas Recordings Underground. The first release will hit the shelves soon. It will be available to be purchased locally at Josey Records as soon as it’s pressed.

What gigs do you have in the near future?

Taking a break from accepting gigs in Europe as I am currently living in Texas for a few months to spend time with my family and write music. 

1. Drexciya - Hydro Doorways
2. Mono Junk - I’m Okey
3. Plastic Sleeves- Defragment
4. Cygnus - Iaafos Blank Mix
5. Das Muster - Fern Und Nah
6. Cajmere - Housewerk
7. Dopplereffekt: Cellular Phone
8. Morphology - Abstract Index
9. Claro Intelecto - Tone
10. Electronic Warfare - Underground Resistance
11. Trix - Luke Eargoggle
12. Don’t touch that Style- unknown artist
13. Bass Original Mix 2 - Station Bass
14. Vibrations are Increasing - Dynamix II - Bass Planet
15. Slam Dunk - Orson Wells
16. Get it Boyz -Bunker Records
17. Bass Warning Power Supply
18. DJ Djital - Alien 2
19. Pray 2 god on the Knees - Dallas Acid
20. Superior Race Dopplereffekt
21. Bounce Bounce - Dance MANia
22. x2- Electric Soul
23. Bass Mechanic - Frankfurt Trax 4
24. B-Boyonik - Bassing Guild
25. Point Counter Point - Bintus
26. Balloons -Objekt- Power Vacuum
27. Dynamix II - The Atomic Age
28. Zombie Machine - Gesloten Cirkel
29. U can’t See Me - DJ Assault - Belle Isle Tech
30. Dormant Technology - Plant43
31. Afrogermanic - Underground Resistance
32. Marco Bernardi - Frustrated Funk
33. I like the sound - Cygnus
34. Chuck - Detrechno 
35. Music - Madonna
36. Find a particular space in time - Metroplex
37. Banza Maker - Dallas Acid
38. Fork Rave - AFX
39. Boomin - Will Web - Extraterrestrial Phunk
40. ERP - Terence Dixon RMX
41. Mind War Electro - Chaos AD

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